Girls from 3 years through to Junior level wear our school blue leotard, pink ballet tights, white skirt and pink ballet shoes with elastics. We have a blue crossover for the cooler weather. Students must wear their hair back in a bun with our white bows on a comb in the bun.

Pre. Intermediate and Intermediate

JOKSOD Flamingo leotard, white skirt, theatrical pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes with elastics. Hair must be back in a classical hairstyle with our white bow. 

Senior Classical Class

Teal leotard, white skirt, theatrical pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes with elastics. Hair must be back in a suitable classical hairstyle with our white bow.

MALES are to wear thick dance tights, white ballet shoes and a close-fitting white t-shirt.


Our uniform is required for beginner - senior levels. There are many items to choose from that co-ordinate together to make up our uniform from leggings and crop tops, shorts and t-shirts.

Contemporary classes may wear a black leotard and black over tights or choose from our uniform range.

Bare feet or toe undies on the feet for contemporary, Tan jazz shoes for jazz.


  • Primary students wear our school pale blue leotard and white FULL skirt and white bow. Matching crossover is optional.
  • Grade 1 -2, Lilac. Style no: CL12. Shoestring strap leotard in cotton lycra.
  • Grade 3-4 - style no. CL12 cherise pink shoestring strap cotton lycra leotard 
  • Grade 4-6 - Style no. CL12 in Aubergine. Shoestring strap leotard.

Matching ribbons in hair for all grades - on the comb is only accepted and available to purchase in studio.

Majors including progress - Navy blue thin strap leotard.

Uniform may be purchased from the ballet shop in Frankston, Energetics, Capezio or Bloch.


Our school uniform must be ordered through the office front desk. If the uniform is not in stock it will need to be ordered.

All shoes and tights can be obtained from any ballet shop.

  • JOKSOD uniform options:
  • JOKSOD blue jacket
  • JOKSOD T-Shirt
  • Vests
  • Crop tops
  • Shorts
  • Singlet tops
  • Long sleeve compression tops
  • Compression leggings
  • Miss Jo Jo bows
  • White classical