Troupe Eisteddfods


We offer the exciting opportunity for select students to participate in dance competitions / eisteddfods throughout the year. Currently this is only offered to students participating in at least 2 classical classes per week and meet all requirements. 

All students dance in their age group and some students may be invited to dance in the higher age group at the discretion of Miss Joanne. 

Troupe competitions are a big commitment for families but extremely rewarding for the students. We participate in one competition at the beginning of the Winter school holidays and another Eisteddfod in the first week of the Spring holidays and every student who commits at the start of the year must be available for both. 

Our students absolutely love participating in eisteddfods, it builds resilience and dedication whilst learning to be part of a team and everyone has so much fun! The competition atmosphere is thrilling for students and we love nothing more than seeing the joy on their faces as they get to perform on stage and the laughter we experience together off stage. 

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Troupe age groups


Age is taken from 1 January of the current year.

  • 8 and Under
  • 10 and Under
  • 13 and Under
  • 17 and Under
  • Open Age


Select students who are participating in troupes, meet the requirements and are ready for this next step will be invited to start solo work for the eisteddfods. This is a tremendous experience for young dancers, building their confidence and resilience as solo artists. Being able to perform alone on stage provides them with so many skills that they then transfer to other aspects of their everyday life.

Solo lessons occur during term 2 and term 3 in preparation for competitions. The JOKSOD philosophy is to support each individual dancer and inspire a love of dance, we also love how supportive our JOKSOD students are to each other when participating in solo competitions.