Classical Ballet

At JOKSOD we run open classes for Classical Ballet training as well as exam classes with Cecchetti Ballet Australia.


Open Classical Ballet classes

Within our weekly ballet classes from Junior to Senior we aim to build upon the Cecchetti Ballet principles and further extend our dancers in this beautiful art form. These classes are available to all our students from those dancing recreationally to those who are pursuing further dance opportunities. We cater for all and focus on the love of dance! 


Exam classes

Some students like to progress through the levels and participate in Cecchetti Ballet exam classes. Within these classes we practice Cecchetti Ballet principles of grace, balance, line that help to form the basis of sound training. This method is Internationally recognised and respected method established by Maestro Enrico Cecchetti. 

Students progress from primary through to Advanced 2 or Diploma Levels with examinations each year and then may proceed to the Cecchetti teaching training program.

Cecchetti Ballet

"The aims of Cecchetti Ballet Australia are to provide our teachers and students with the best ballet education, inspire them to achieve their full potential and foster in them a love and enjoyment of dance."

Cecchetti teaches co-ordination, poise, confidence, rhythmical sense and musicality while ensuring that the process is fun. The focus is to provide a stable foundation in each students training whether it’s for dance recreation or the beginnings of a professional dance career.

All the JOKSOD teachers that teach our exam level classes have completed the Cecchetti training courses that prepare them to teach with a safe and secure technical base, sound knowledge of anatomy and basic physical faults, good teaching practices and the historical background of the art of classical ballet.