The JOKSOD Transition Program (JTP) is an audition only program for students that are looking for a pathway to transition to full-time dance. It has been developed for highly motivated, dedicated and skilled dancers looking for a career in Classical Ballet. 

It complements our JOKSOD Extension Program (JEP) and supports the defining and strengthening of technique and artistry for dancers whilst providing skills, knowledge and an understanding of the full time dance world.

JTP is only available for students that are in Year 9 and above at High School and has been developed to ensure that it works alongside your academic studies. Our philosophy is to ensure that at this stage to stay at school for education whilst enhancing training at the same time through this program to give you more chance to achieve in the industry.

Our Classical Stream of JTP includes a full day of dance (Monday) and covers:

  • Classical class 
  • Pointe work
  • Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT)
  • Conditioning and Pilates
  • Variation studies
  • Character dance
  • Contemporary dance

The aim of the program is to give dancers a taste of what it is like to do full-time dance and help prepare students for the big transition.

JOKSOD has an array of experience teachers lined up for this program that is launching in 2024 and it is open for students at any dance school.

So if you are interested in a career in full-time dance and want to explore an excellent transition program that will set you on the right path, then get in touch to organise an audition at



To support our exciting new program this we have a number of expert teachers in the industry that join our team. Including the incredible Amy Harris, Adam Thurlow, Ben Cure, Emma Koppleman to name just a few! Visit our teachers page for more information and bios. 


We will also be integrating JTP with VET Dance as a great opportunity to enhance your training and align with academic studies that can go towards your ATAR.