Pre-School and Beginners Classes

The first experience of dance classes for your little one is so important. At JOKSOD we want our pre-schoolers and beginners to feel safe and comfortable whilst fostering a love of dance as they begin on their dance journey.

We focus on the joy of creative movement in our Saturday pre-school class as the foundation for Classical Ballet, keeping it fun and engaging for the students and the look forward to it every week! In our Monday pre-school class we offer a varied class which involves movement and singing, a true introduction to performing arts. 

Whilst it is importance for children to enjoy free expression and imagination during a dance class we also ensure our classes are structured to help build confidence and set the foundation for growth. 

Our teachers are educated and have an understanding of physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills which compliment the stages of each child's development. We also understand the importance of separating the ages of the children to enhance their developmental progress.

We place 3 and 4 year olds in our Pre-school classes, however if joining at school age you will be offered a place in our Beginner Ballet class.