Our Achievements (2020 & 2021)

The COVID years

We're extremely proud of all our students and how they've coped through the COVID-19 pandemic given the limited opportunities to dance and do what they love! This makes all the achievements below particularly special as it demonstrates the resilience, commitment and hard work of all our JOKSOD dance family.


Many students are provided with incredible opportunities to attend professional dance training sessions locally, interstate and internationally. These pathways are conducted alongside their training at JOKSOD and provide enriching experiences that enhance the student’s technique. 

We also have students that graduate their training at JOKSOD and go on to professional further education elsewhere, whilst we are sad to see them go we are so proud and excited for their future. A number of our alumni students come back to guest teach and support our school by imparting the knowledge and experience they’ve learned. 

The Australian Ballet

  • I.T.P Program 2020
    • Sam McSweeney and Charlotta Apps
    • Ashlea Rush, Zi Sione, Ruby Strickland
    • Ava Howden and Eden Stewart as a special invitee to Level 4
  • Virtual Mentoring program 2020: Eden Stewart
  • I.T.P Program 2021
    • Level 1: Charlotte Cvirn, Ava Scott, Charlotte Pichler, Ava Del Rosario
    • Level 2: Lucie Doody, Charlotte Apps
    • Level 3: Ashlea Rush, Zi Sione, Sam McSweeney, Ruby Strickland


Queensland Ballet Academy

  • 2020 Summer School: Bethany Whittorn
  • 2020 Winter Holiday Program: Bethany Whittorn and Ashlea Rush

Queensland Ballet Academy 2021

  • Level 5 full time study: Zi Sione
  • Guest Associate program: Ashlea Rush, Sam McSweeney

Melbourne Conservatoire of Ballet full time study 2021

  • Magnus Gilmore

Victorian College of the Arts full time study 2021

  • Jack O'Toole

The Australian Ballet 2021

  • Production Harliquinade
    • Ava Del Rosario
    • Sam McSweeney

Queensland Ballet Academy 2022

  • Full time study: Eden Stewart


Throughout the year there are a number of scholarship events that are offered and at JOKSOD we encourage select students to participate. Majority will offer cash prizes which enable students to increase their dance training with JOKSOD.

Jason Coleman Ministry of Dance

  • 2020 Summer School scholarship: Jack O'Toole


Ballarat Dance Awards 2020

  • Australian Ballet Scholarship: Ashlea Rush
  • Junior/Intermediate Award: Kyra Sione
  • Zi Sione won awards in Classical, Jazz and Contemporary
  • Ruby Strickland won a Classical and Jazz Award
  • Sam McSweeney a Classical Award
  • Bethany Whittorn a Jazz Award


AICD Junior Ballet Awards 2021

  • 3rd place: Ava Del Rosario

Ballet Teachers Workshop 2021

  • Finalists: Ava Scott, Charlotta Apps, Lucie Doody, Ava Del Rosario and Sam McSweeney


Cecchetti Ballet Australia offers a range of scholarships and awards for promising young dancers and we are fortunate to announce the following achievements of our students for this year.

Cecchetti Summer School

  • 2020 Scholarship: Jack O'Toole


Victorian Scholars 2020

  • Ebony Ricupito
  • Sam McSweeney
  • Zi Sione
  • Ashlea Rush
  • Ruby Strickland
  • Eden Stewart
  • Ava Howden
  • Lucie Doody
  • Jack O'Toole
  • Magnus Gilmore

Cecchetti William Carse Young Performance Awards 2020

  • Zi Sione won the Overall grade 5/6 Award
  • Sam McSweeney won the Overall Male Dancer Award
  • Runner up /Honourable mentions to:
    • Jack O'Toole
    • Phoebe O'Toole
    • Gerika Abbott
    • Kyra Sione
    • Ruby Strickland
    • Bethany Whittorn
    • Eden Stewart

Victorian Scholars 2021

  • Ashlea Rush
  • Sam McSweeney
  • Lucie Doody

Cecchetti Medal Test auditions 2021

  • Finalists: Maisie O’Toole, Iyla Emanuel, Charlotta Apps and Sam McSweeney 
  • Silver Medal final: Jack O’Toole

Cecchetti Noelle Aitken Junior encouragement Awards 2021

  • Grade 3 overall award: Ava Del Rosario
  • Grade 3 gold medal: Ava Scott 
  • Grade 3 Honourable Mentions: Charlotte Cvirn, Willow Gould, Adele V, Keira Richardson and Charlotte Pichler
  • Grade 2 Honourable Mentions: Indigo Chatfield and Lulu S 

Cecchetti Victoria Choreography competition 2021

  • Ella McMillan (1st) Open Solo Contemporary / Neo Classical
  • Ava Scott (3rd) 12yrs &U Contemporary / Neo Classical
  • Ava Del Rosario (HM) 12yrs &U Classical / Demi Character
  • Noi Godber (1st) 9yrs &U Classical / Demi Character
  • Macy Stalker (3rd) 9yrs &U Classical / Demi Character
  • Macey Andreana (2nd) 9yrs &U Contemporary / Neo Classical and (HM) in Classical / Demi Character
  • Indigo Chatfield (HM) 9yrs &U Classical / Demi Character
  • Elise Stalker (1st) 6yrs &U Classical / Demi Character


Phoenix Festival of Dance 2021


  • Amelia Blockley - U8 1st shining star and 1st character
  • Elise Stalker - U8 2nd shining star and 3rd classical
  • Ming Fang - U8 HM shining star and 3rd neo
  • Noi Godber - U10 2nd shining star and 2nd character
  • Macy Stalker - U10 3rd shining star and 1st Neo 
  • Indigo Chatfield - U10 1st shining star and 2nd jazz
  • Madylin H- U10 2nd shining star and hm jazz
  • Whitney A - U10 HM shining star
  • Edith B - U10 HM Classical
  • Ava Scott - U12 1st shining star
  • Iyla E - U12 3rd shining star
  • Charlotta A - U12 HM Shining star
  • Alexis C - 1st Shining Star
  • Savvy L - 2nd Shining Star and 3rd Contemporary and 3rd character
  • Anila S - hm shining star
  • Lily W- 1st Shining Star and 2nd contemporary
  • Sam McSweeney - HM contemporary
  • Ebony - 3rd contemporary
  • Iyla - HM contemporary


    Junior Ballet Award

    • 3rd place: Charlotta Apps
    • Honourable Mentions: Ava Del Rosario and Lucie Doody

    Intermediate Ballet Award: Runner Up: Sam McSweeney

    Baroque Contemporary Award: Winner: Ella McMillan

    Nova Modern award: Winner: Ella McMillan

    Intermediate Jazz Championship: Honourable Mention: Gerika Abbott

    Junior Jazz Championship

    • Runner Up: Lucie Doody
    • Honourable Mention: Ebony Ricupito

    Cameo Lyrical Award

    • 3rd prize: Ella McMillan
    • Finalist: Paris Brooke

    Mendoza Jazz Championship: Finalist: Ella McMillan

    Song and Dance Award: Runner up: Lucie Doody

    JOKSOD Awards

    Perpetual Award winners 2020

    • Juniors:
      • Elise Stalker
      • Amelia Blockley
      • Charlotte Pichler
      • Ava Del Rosario
      • Ava Scott
      • Macy Stalker
      • Willow Gould
    • Intermediates:
      • Gerika Abbott - Overall
      • Charlotta Apps
      • Kyra Sione
      • Sam McSweeney
      • Savannah Laurito
      • Kiara Mavondo
    • Seniors
      • Alyssa Brooke - overall
      • Ella McMillan
      • Natalie Stutz
      • Paris Brooke
      • Zi Sione
      • Sophie Marr

    JOKSOD Spring School Masterclass 2021

    • Spotlight Stars
      • Junior: Macey Andreana
      • Intermediate: Maisie O'Toole
      • Senior: Gerika Abbott