Our Achievements (2019)


Many students are provided with incredible opportunities to attend professional dance training sessions locally, interstate and internationally. These pathways are conducted alongside their training at JOKSOD and provide enriching experiences that enhance the student’s technique. 

We also have students that graduate their training at JOKSOD and go on to professional further education elsewhere, whilst we are sad to see them go we are so proud and excited for their future. A number of our alumni students come back to guest teach and support our school by imparting the knowledge and experience they’ve learned. 

Joffrey Ballet School, America 

  • Summer intensive and place offered for 4-year professional program: Ella McMillan

The Australian Ballet

  • Lead role of Fritz in The Nutcracker: Sam McSweeney

The Australian Ballet School

  • I.T.P Program
  • Level 2: Sam McSweeney
  • Level 3: Ashlea Rush
  • Level 4 Special Invitee: Eden Stewart
  • Extension Program
  • Ava Howden and Ruby Strickland

Amanda Bollinger Fulltime Academy, QLD

  • B.D.A Scholarship: Bethany Whittorn

West Australian Academy of Performing Arts - W.A.A.P.A

  • Full time training in Contemporary: Chelsea Goodchild

Ministry of Dance

  • Accepted full time training: Lauren Sutherland


Throughout the year there are a number of scholarship events that are offered and at JOKSOD we encourage select students to participate. Majority will offer cash prizes which enable students to increase their dance training with JOKSOD.

Alana Haines Australasian Award, New Zealand

  • Competitor: Ashlea Rush 

Victorian State Medal Test

  • Semi-finalists: Eden Stewart, Bethany Whittorn, Ashlea Rush, Bridie Harrison, Jack O’Toole, Michaela Davidson and Ava Howden.

Noelle Aitkin Encouragement Awards

  • Honourable Mention, Grade 2: Maisie O’Toole, Isabelle Vagg, Isla Emanuel
  • Gold Medallist, Grade 3: Kyra Sione and Sam McSweeney
  • Honourable Mention, Grade 3: Alannah Mills and Ebony Ricupito

Ballet Teachers Workshop

  • Semi-Finalists: Zi Sione, Ruby Strickland, Ebony Ricupito, Kyra Sione
  • State Finalists: Charlotte Pichler, Ava Scott, Kyra Sione, Sam McSweeney and Ruby Strickland
  • Honourable Mention: Arjarne Corfu and Sam McSweeney 
  • 3rd Prize: Kyra Sione 


Cecchetti Ballet Australia offers a range of scholarships and awards for promising young dancers and we are fortunate to announce the following achievements of our students for this year.


  • Junior: Bethany Whittorn, Zi Sione, Man ling Zhou, Mikka Dinnsmore
  • Senior: Ava Howden and Eden Stewart

Junior William Carse Performers Award

  • Runner ups: Ruby Strickland, Gerika Abbott and Zi Sione

Young Dancers Award

  • Entrants: Ebony Ricupito, Kyra Sione, Sam McSweeney, Ava Howden, Jack O’Toole, Ashlea Rush, Eden Stewart, Ruby Strickland, Bethany Whittorn and Natalie Stutz. 
  • Honourable Mention: Sam McSweeney and Eden Stewart.
  • Final 10: Eden Stewart, Bethany Whittorn and Ashlea Rush. 

Cecchetti Medal Awards

  • State finalists
    • Pre-Bronze Medal: Keely Dummett, Gerika Abbott, Zi Sione and Ruby Strickland 
    • Bronze Medal: Bethany Whittorn and Ashlea Rush 
    • Gold Medal: Chelsea Goodchild 
  • Runner up
    • Pre Bronze Medal: Zi Sione 
    • Bronze Medal: Bethany Whittorn 
  • Honourable Mention
    • Bronze Medal: Ashlea Rush 

Cecchetti examinations 2019

  • Scores of 95 -96: Ajarne Corfu, Edith Banfield, Keira Richardson, Shayla Swift, Lilybelle La Brooy, Felicity Soroka, Savannah Laurito, Kyra Sione, Ebony Ricupito, Ava Howden, Tiana Brackman, Jack O’Toole, Mikka Dinsmore, Molly Thomson, Zahra Ricupito. 
  • Scores of 97 - 99: Miranda Tarabaras, Macey Adreanna, Dakota Dunne, Keely Dummett, Bethany Whittorn (inter), Chelsea Goodchild (Adv.2) 
  • Scores of 100% Top Marks: Charlotte Zurrer, Bianca Brand, Ava Scott, Sam McSweeney, Ashlea Rush, Bridie Harrison, Zi Sione, Ruby Strickland, Hayleigh Bladen, Kiara Mavondo, Manling Zhou, Georgia Sullivan. 

Cecchetti EXCELLENCE Awards and Scholarships

  • Sam McSweeney, Zi Sione, Bridie Harrison, Ashlea Rush, Hayleigh Bladen, Kiara Mavondo, Man ling Zhou, Ruby Strickland and Georgia Sullivan. 
    • 2020 Victorian Junior Scholar: Zi Sione, Ruby Strickland, Ashlea Rush, Ebony Ricupito and Sam McSweeney
    • 2020 Victorian Senior Scholar: Ava Howden and Eden Stewart


Phoenix Festival of Dance

Aggregate Award

  • Under 12 Winner: Ashlea Rush


  • Junior Classical
    • Runner up: Ashlea Rush
    • Honourable Mention: Sam McSweeney
  • Intermediate Classical
    • Honourable Mention: Bethany Whittorn
  • Senior Classical
    • 3rd prize: Chelsea Goodchild
  • Junior Jazz
    • Winner: Ashlea Rush
    • Runner up: Ebony Ricupito
    • Honourable Mention: Ruby Strickland 
  • Intermediate Jazz
    • Winner: Bethany Whittorn
      • Honourable Mention: Ava Howden
  • Senior Jazz
    • Finalists: Ella McMillan and Tess Hanna
    • Honourable Mention: Ella McMillan
  • Senior Lyrical 
    • 2nd prize: Tilly Lacey
    • Honourable Mention: Chelsea Goodchild
  • Nova Neo Classical
    • 3rd prize: Chelsea Goodchild
    • Honourable Mention: Tilly Lacey
  • Song & Dance
    • 3rd prize: Lily Strickland
  • Baroque Senior Contemporary
    • 3rd prize: Tilly Lacey
    • Honourable Mention: Chelsea Goodchild

Sydney Eisteddfod

  • Contemporary: 2nd prize Bethany Whittorn
  • Lyrical: HC Bethany Whittorn
  • Demi Character: HC Bethany Whittorn

Evolution Dance Competition

  • 2nd Highest points awarded for the whole comp and Australian Finalist: Ella McMillan 

West Gippsland Dance Festival


  • Runner-up: Tilly Lacey


  • Junior Classical
    • 3rd prize: Ashlea Rush
  • Intermediate Classical
    • 3rd prize: Ava Howden
    • Senior Classical
    • Honourable Mention: Tilly Lacey and Chelsea Goodchild
  • Junior Jazz
    • Honourable Mention: Ashlea Rush and Bethany Whittorn
  • Intermediate Modern
    • Honourable Mention: Ava Howden
  • Senior Jazz
    • Winner: Ella McMillan
    • Runner-up: Tess Hanna

Aggregate Awards

  • Novice winners: Felicity Soroka and Jazlyn Hoy
  • Open Age winners: Kyra Sione, Zi Sione and Chelsea Goodchild
  • Adjudicators Award winner: Charlotte Cvirn
  • Teachers solo Aggregate winner: Joanne O’Kelly School of Dance
  • Most potentional award and combined championship: Bethany Whittorn

Dandenong Eisteddfod of Dance


  • Most Outstanding Ballerina, Most outstanding overall senior and age aggregate:
  • Winner: Bethany Whittorn
  • Top 8 highest score: Natalie Stutz, Eden Stewart and Bethany Whittorn


  • Senior Jazz
    • Winner: Ella McMillan
  • Age group aggregate
    • Ella McMillan, Natalie Stutz and Bethany Whittorn