School of Dance Uniforms and Expections


Dress for Classical Ballet

GIRLS from 3 years to Sub-Junior level may wear our school blue leotard, pink ballet tights, blue skirt and pink ballet shoes with elastics. Students from Junior level upwards may wear their own classical style leotard and skirt. All classical students must wear classical Ballet tights to all classical classes. Strictly no "baggy" tops are allowed as this does not allow the teacher to assess correct postural lines. In cooler weather, students may wear a 'crossover' or a Spencer and leg warmers to keep muscles warm. Hair is to be tied back neatly in a bun as loose hair not only interferes with free movement of the neck but presents a hazard to the students by whipping into the eyes. NO FRINGES INCLUDING SIDE FRINGES ARE ALLOWED, they are to be pinned back, or a head band is to be worn.
Our school uniform may be ordered through Zan at the front desk or through our website.


Boys are to wear thick dance tights, white ballet shoes and a close fitting white t-shirt.


JOKSOD Leggings, shorts, crops, singlets, t-shirts and skin tops are compulsory from junior through to intermediate jazz classes from term 2 2018. Soft split soled tan jazz shoes are to be worn for jazz ballet. . Hair must be placed off the face and no fringes are allowed. STRICTLY NO BAGGY TOPS.  


"Look the Part". Hair loose, Hip-Hop pants, cargo pants, crop tops, singlet tops, street shoes etc. Strictly no buns, tights or jazz shoes!


The school's uniform is available for sale from the front desk at reasonable prices. If the uniform is not in stock it will need to be ordered. Classical and jazz shoes can be obtained from any ballet shop or second hand from our stall.


Our blue JOKSOD jacket may be purchased through the front desk along with our school t shirt, vest, leggings, shorts, crop, skin tops and and singlet top. All items will need to be ordered. It is recommended that all Competition and exam students have the school jacket and  tshirt or vest to wear to events.


Primary students will wear our school pale blue leotard and matching FULL skirt. Matching crossover is optional.
Grade 1 -2, Lilac. Style no: CL12.Shoe string strap leotard in cotton lycra and georgette wrap skirt with matching ribbon in hair. (Ribbon on the comb is only acceptable it may be purchased from our canteen)
Grade 3-4 style no. CL12 cherise pink shoe string strap cotton lycra leotard with matching skirt. matching ribbon in hair. (Ribbon on the comb is only acceptable it may be purchased from our canteen)
Grade 4-6 Style no. CL12 in Aubergine. Shoe string strap leotard and matching skirt (Energetics CS01). Ask for the Cecchetti uniform. Matching ribbon on the comb is only accepted. (Uniform may be purchased from the ballet shop in Frankston, energetics . Ribbon may be purchased from our school canteen. Majors including progress Navy blue thin strap (low back is nice!) leotard with matching skirt.


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